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Orange & Purple Team

Orange Team (2 years-3 years):
The Orange Team continues to focus on hands on exploration and learning, although at a more advanced level than the Green Team.  Lessons not only focus on the imperative areas of development, but also begin to integrate the Spanish language and multiculturalism.

In between all of the exciting and interesting activities, the Orange Team teachers are also assisting the children with the art of potty training.  Each child moves at a different pace when it comes to potty training; therefore, the teachers are patient and understanding when dealing with such a sensitive area of development.

Orange Team Staff:

Miss Donatella- Lead Teacher

Miss Karla- Assistant Teacher

Miss Simmone- Assistant Teacher

Miss Isabella- Assistant Teacher

Miss Alexa- Assistant Teacher

Miss Ashleigh- Assistant Teacher

Orange Team

Purple Team (3 years-3 ½ years):
The Purple Team children spend their days engaged in activities that assist them in memorizing letters, numbers, shapes and colors while continuing to build upon areas taught in teams prior. The teachers have integrated small and large group activities into the curriculum so that the children may experience each type of learning atmosphere.

The Purple Team children also spend a great deal of time on sensory activities and vocabulary.  When the children participate in activities that specifically trigger the five senses, the children are then able to build vocabulary to explain what they are experiencing.

Purple Team Staff:

Mr. James- Lead Teacher

Miss Bella- Assistant Teacher

Mr. Danny- Assistant Teacher

Miss Kassandra- Assistant Teacher